Jekyll Commarch Project

Regina Locicero, Aidan Kahrs, and Quintin Reed

What is Jekyll?

Jekyll is a blogging framework built in Ruby. It is used to generate static sites using markdown. This is why it is the blogging engine of choice for GitHub Pages

How long has it been around?

  • Started in October 2008
  • First version, v0.10.0 was made in 2010
  • Latest version, v3.7.3 released February 25, 2018

Processes & Dev-Ops


  • There are Teams in Jekyll that are assigned by Parker the lead developer
  • There is a bot Jekyll bot that presenta patches to teams for approval
  • Commit access is limited to Parker and Jekyllbot

How do I contribute?

They have contributor docs

Where are the docs?

There are extensive docs on their site

Who do I run to for help?

They suggest posting on Jekyll discussion forums at

Overall Structure

Hierarchical and ruled by a small group. Core dev team and lead developer have final say but process delegated to teams

Git By a Bus Results

Calloway Ceofficient of Fail

65 - Kittens Die when your code is downloaded.

THE HORROR WHY?!?!?!?!?!!

  • Lack of a mailing list
  • Release version on their website
    • Installing RubyGems gets rid of this problem bringing the score to 15 otherwise


(Not the apple kind)
  • Yes some of the original team has left including the original developer Tom Preston-Werner. Bot-based commit system with teams have made it a bit more difficult to tell.
  • There is a standard amount of participation, there was a spike in 2013 and has plateaued since

Major Issues

  • Biggest issue was moving to the team based assignments
  • As for bugs, whatever team domain it is in is who's responsible for fixing it.

Raptor Test

  • They would survive with a slight delay in maintenence until a new leader was put in place
  • Due to how the hierarchy works, git by a bus doesn't necessarily show this
Speaking of busses...

Hit by a bus test

  • The top 20% of 159 would be 31 which would include the core team
  • Project would possibly survive but would not be as well maintained
  • Project would likely survive because of it's wide use